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Eyes on the Pies press

Eyes on the Pies

Posted on: November 3, 2023 | Read Time: 1 minute

As featured in Jupiter Magazine, written by Michelle Lee Ribeiro

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Charles Rosselli Executive Pastry Chef at Sailfish Point

Cranberry Gingersnap

Charles Rosselli, Executive Pastry Chef, Sailfish Point Country Club in Stuart

Made with: cranberries, gingersnaps, walnuts, Italian meringue, cocoa butter, salt, sugar, eggs, butter, thyme

Says Charles: “If you love cranberries with your Thanksgiving turkey, then this pie is for you!

The shell is made with ground homemade ginger-snap cookies, toasted walnuts, salt, and cocoa butter. For the filling, I boil fresh cranberries with a little sugar until they pop, then put the mixture through a fine strainer. The result is a cranberry juice that is full of flavor and pectin, a natural thickener. With this cranberry juice, I make a curd, which is fruit juice cooked with sugar, eggs, and butter. I top the pie with dollops of thyme-scented Italian meringue and garnish with chocolate lace cranberry leaves and sprigs of fresh thyme.”

*Also pictured: almond plum tart and whole grain pumpkin bread

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