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Five Tips for a Smooth Relocation to South Florida and Sailfish Point

Posted on: September 16, 2021 | Read Time: 5 minutes

There are few things more exciting than embarking on a meticulously planned, unabashedly earned relocation to South Florida for retirement, semi-retirement or quality of life.

However, even for those who’ve visited Sailfish Point and the surrounding Treasure Coast area several times, moving here full- or part-time is decidedly different than spending just a few days or weeks.

Consider: winter highs around Martin County are anywhere from 30 to 50 degrees warmer than in Northeastern and Midwestern cities, and even 20-30 degrees warmer than the Mid-Atlantic.

Culturally, South Florida is an exciting and eclectic mix of Caribbean and Hispanic cultures with a healthy dose of New York attitude and Southern hospitality mixed in for good measure.

Finding sand in your shoes, pants pockets and car is a normal thing, and it’s no accident that almost every gas station has a car vacuum. Oh, and speaking of gas, it’s typically much cheaper down here.

As are groceries, which by the way, are typically purchased at Publix in lieu of the Wegmans and Krogers our transplants are used to. And you heard it here first, the Publix bakery is the real deal.

Ready to put the snow in your rearview mirror and your new Sailfish Point address in your GPS? Here are five tips to get you through this life-changing transition.

1. Simplify Your Wardrobe

The days of storing your summer wardrobe are over in Southeast Florida, especially at Sailfish Point with the warm currents of the Gulf Stream passing by in the adjacent Atlantic Ocean.

In fact, most of our residents shed the winter stuff entirely before moving down. Average highs in Stuart in December and January are in the mid-70s with lows in the high 50s and low 60s. By the time March rolls around, it’s back up into the 80s.

But be sure to hold on to a few jackets, namely a light-weight coat and a couple grades of rain coats. Vests are also popular in the winter, and work well on the golf course, to boot.

2. Up Your Seafood Game

With all due respect to the New England, Pacific and Pacific Northwest Coasts, there’s seafood, and then there’s Florida seafood. First off, our selection of fish is second to none. Grouper, mahi-mahi, snapper and flounder are regulars on menus around here.

Secondly, there are shellfish aplenty, from freshly caught shrimp and locally harvested oysters to clams and calamari.

Nearby Stuart is home to an array of amazing seafood joints, ranging from charming holes-in-the-wall to unapologetically upscale. Or, for “have appetite will travel” types, the famed eateries of the Palm Beaches are less than an hour away.

Both the casual beach club and the formal dining room at Sailfish Point offer a level of dining that residents describe as “premiere” and “equal to a 5-star resort.” Add in an oceanfront view, and “staying home for dinner” is a popular option for our residents. Take-out and delivery service makes enjoying incredible clubhouse-cooked meals even more convenient.

3. See Your Doctor … Now

Don’t panic – this is merely a strong suggestion for a preemptive visit. No doubt, during one of your many trips to scout out the Treasure Coast, generally, and Sailfish Point specifically, you likely noticed throngs of people out walking and biking, or playing, tennis, pickleball and golf.

If any or all of these pursuits will be new for you upon touching down in the Sunshine State, you’ll want to consult with your doctor before jumping in head first. So why not get that out of the way in advance with your long-time, hometown physician?

At Sailfish Point, active pursuits are limited only by your imagination. For those who prefer land, there’s golf on our world-class Jack Nicklaus Signature Course, and tennis at our Tennis Center with its eight meticulously groomed HydroGlide courts.

For those who want the full Florida maritime experience, the Sailfish Point Marina and Yacht Club is one of the finest facilities in the state. In addition to accommodating vessels up to 125-feet, it’s also the headquarters for sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and other active water sports.

And once you do relocate, you’ll find the area health care system, led by the renowned Cleveland Clinic, to be both accessible and exemplary.

4. Get Your Golf Game in Order

At its core (literally and figuratively) Sailfish Point is a golf community. In fact, our Nicklaus design is ranked among the top 100 residential courses in the U.S. by Golfweek / USA Today. New residents who’ve moved here from points north are pleasantly surprised by just how many more rounds they’re able to play, annually.

For many golfers, that means up to 10 times as 18-hole loops, which theoretically should be an opportunity to lower their handicaps. Golf members can turn theory into reality at the newly renovated and expanded practice facility and short game area.

And starting this spring, Nicklaus Design will return to completely renovate the golf course, a comprehensive project that will further enhance playability for golfers of all skill levels. Reopening is scheduled for late fall in plenty of time for the peak golf season.

5. Rely on the Experts

If you haven’t gotten to the point of loading the moving van, but are ready to begin exploring your next chapter in South Florida’s premier oceanfront community, visit our guides to Stuart and Hutchinson Island to learn more about the wonderful area surrounding our 532-acre island paradise.

For more information about Sailfish Point, or to arrange a tour of any of these listings and the entire community, Sailfish Point Realty is conveniently located just outside the community gates.

Simply call 772-225-6200 or click here to send a detailed message about your upcoming visit and we’ll customize a safe and enjoyable itinerary.

For those looking to extend their stay and explore the area, we partner with Hutchinson Shores Resort and Spa for oceanfront accommodations.